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The trial of Zheng Xiaoyu confessed that part that acts like off

social commentary in the Beijing in May 16 / Xinhua this morning,louboutin, has attracted much attention of bureau of national medicine inspect the original director Zheng case in Beijing in a court hearing.
r r according to media reports,louboutin pas cher, Zheng Xiaoyu was suspected of taking bribes and dereliction of duty crime on two counts,louboutin, including bribery amount is as high as 6000000 yuan many.r r after eight thirty this morning, from Beijing and throughout the country many 10 reporter came to a house door, in addition to a European Chinese media.
r r reporter to the court's application for the next hearing, a staff member said the auditing certificate has been issued.The reporter then and court publicity department, but the Department tight-lipped, did not disclose the case for any news.
r r formal trial, numerous journalists gathered in front of the court each other out news.In addition, the reporter in front of the court to see 3 foreign pharmaceutical personnel,, said that they would like to attend the case, but failed to handle the side of hearing, so cannot enter the court.
The reporter has not yet found the specific manufacturer, who left the court.r r morning 9 when make, Zheng Xiaoyu case trial.11 pm,moncler, reporters in front of the court interviewed several of the audit staff.
r r reportedly, white-haired Zheng Xiaoyu today did not wear the dress, but wears a suit of clothes, his face looks more dignified.Today there are two lawyers to defend him.r r procuratorial organs attached great importance to the case,air jordan, has sent 4 prosecutors appear in court to support the public prosecution, which is also a deputy prosecutor.
r r against prosecution allegations,louboutin, Zheng Xiaoyu in fact be confessed.Zheng Xiaoyu in his own defence,michael kors, deliberately took off his glasses,louboutin pas cher, between speech and deportment quite "leadership style".r r as of press time,louboutin pas cher, the case is still under further hearing.
r r case replay r r reportedly,burberry, Zheng Xiaoyu this is individually by appeal,louis vuitton pas cher, bureau of national medicine inspect the original registration division of the Cao Wenzhuang case and the Zheng Xiaoyu case and case processing has not.
Before the media reports,doudoune moncler, Zheng Xiaoyu's wife Liu Naixue, son Zheng Hairong were also by the relevant departments of custody.But the court, two people and was not included in the list of charges.r r earlier media reports,doudoune moncler pas cher, the public prosecutor Zheng Xiaoyu taking advantage of his position to accept property,louboutin, a total of about 6000000 yuan RMB,jordan pas cher, of which 4450000 yuan,moncler quincy, 1000000 yuan and 30000 Yuan Hong Kong dollars.
r r Zheng Xiaoyu r r Zheng Xiaoyu was born in Fuzhou in 1942,burberry soldes, 1963, Zheng Xiaoyu was admitted to the Department of biology in Fudan University.His wife Liu Naixue is his schoolmate at college.After graduation,louis vuitton, Zheng Xiaoyu and Liu Naixue both were assigned to Zhejiang,louboutin pas cher, entered Hangzhou pharmaceutical factory (formerly the people's livelihood pharmaceutical factory).
r r later, Zheng Xiaoyu takes up the post of director of national medicine management board.In 1998 April,doudoune moncler, the State Drug Administration formally established, Zheng Xiaoyu director.r r in 2005 June,michael kors outlet, Zheng Xiaoyu was removed from the post of director.
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Hunan in 2010 started the "contribution" activity

He immediately sent the child to a Heilongjiang provincial general hospital, but the child is in a coma.On the morning of 25, the Liu Sichen family moved to the Second Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, although the doctor to rescue, but ultimately failed to save a child's life.

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Premier Wen met with the embassy staff and representatives of Ch

PremierWen Jiabao in Manila this morning to meet the staff of the embassy ,representatives from Chinese-funded institutions ,michael kors,overseas Chinese and Chinese students .( social commentary in the press by Liu Xiaodan ) social commentary in the Manila in January 16 report ( reporter Liu Xiaodan ) who was on a visit to Philippines Premier Wen Jiabao morning meeting in Manila with the embassy staff ,louboutin pas cher,representatives from Chinese-funded institutions ,overseas Chinese and Chinese students ,delivered an important speech .
Premier Wen off the reel ,and the overseas Chinese are treat a person with sincerity about half an hour, a warm atmosphere and warm ,warm premier after the speech, the group broke into a long round of applause .
The following is rrWen JiabaoPremier on Chinese speech full text :rrallChinese nationals, Embassy and consulate in Philippines staff comrades ,college students ,louboutin,the Chinese-funded institutions of entrepreneurs ,I first say hello to everyone .
( applause) rrduring this visit to Philippinesfor three nights ,in the Cebu opened in four ,stayed two nights ,a visit to Philippines in less than a day, living for a night ,I feel a long time .
Because the state of things ,think of return to work in progress .But today we are very pleased,doudoune moncler, I welcome ,louboutin pas cher,actually embodies the love of country .In fact ,the state is also very miss you ,hope in the Chinese and overseas Chinese ,entrepreneurs ,able to work well ,study well and good life .
r rPhilippinesnot far from the Chinese ,from Beijing seat aircraft ,less than five hours ,the history is also very close .I just told them a history,jordan pas cher, I say ,Chinese Filipinos to go ,in fifteenth Century at the earliest ,the largest local Sulu Kingdom (note ) of the East King, rate of large mission to visit China ,burberry soldes,home died in Shandong province of Dezhou, at the time of the Ming emperor to his pro essays inscriptions, it may be Zheng He a few years ago .
Chinese and overseas Chinese to Philippines ,louboutin pas cher,recorded in 1570, this is the Magellan Philippines found full half century ( time ) ,Chinese came .In 1605, Chinese people in Philippines ,20000 people have .
Now it is said that two million people .r rweChinese are very efficient ,they are not afraid of hard work ,not afraid of sacrifice ,for survival ,for friendship, and unremittingly struggle .
r rtoday(in the morning ) ,louboutin pas cher,they let me go to visit a local hero ,called Rizal ,but his ancestors are also Chinese ,hokkien .He was colonial (ISM ) killed .Yesterday, Philippines invited me to have dinner banquet hall ,is named after his name .
We do have such a tradition, our nation has such a mind .r reveryonein Philippines a long time, carve ,not only the development of the career and with the local people, the construction of Philippines ,and local people to form a profound friendship .
They say the richest man in Philippines is Chinese ,I don ( easy to laugh ) ,but I know that many of our entrepreneurs ( do ) are very good ,they rely on the wisdom ,hard work ,hard struggle .
r reverybody wants to know about thedomestic situation ,as a powerful country ,is to work outside of the sons and daughters of backing .The motherland is powerful ,you live in it also assured ,confident ,will enhance the people .
I can tell you is that, China in the reform and opening up for nearly thirty years, development is very rapid ,nearly thirty years ,our economic growth rate in 9.6 above ;for nearly four years, our economic growth rate is in 10 above ,and relatively smooth ,without inflation .
The development history in China ,is still relatively rare .At the same time ,people life began to be improved .r ryesterdayat the banquet, the finance minister said to me ,louis vuitton pas cher,Chinese finance grows so fast ,michael kors outlet,how to spend money? I said do Chinese finance grows quickly ,2006 our GDP ,burberry,more than $20 ,our budget is more than 3.
9 trillion in fiscal 700000000000 ,growth .We may not have the number concept,louboutin, the 700000000000 is 10 years ago, Chinese finance gross income concept ,that is last year financial growth ,the equivalent of 10 years ago, finance gross income .
r rhow to spend money?I said the first is to improve people ,we eliminated the 2600 years of agricultural tax burden ,reduce farmer all ,close to $20000000000 .Now farmers not only grain does not pay ,but also to give subsidies ,subsidies on production ,grain subsidies ,,fuel subsidies .
This year we will be the realization of all children with free admission ,nine years of compulsory education ,for difficult children ,louboutin,we will be removed from the books, for the difficulties in life ,and grant .
r rthe beginning of this year,we not only in the city to implement the subsistence security system ,but also the implementation of minimum living security system in countryside .City residents involved 22000000 people in rural areas ,may be at more than 30000000 people .
We are practicing in a rural cooperative medical care system, cooperative funds come from? Each 50 yuan ,with 40 yuan of finance .At the same time ,our city difficult group, has also introduced the social security system ,of course ,the high level or not .
But the system is built ,is the most important .r rwedo second things ,is to accelerate infrastructure construction .More than 10 years ago everybody back to China ,may also see a freeway .
Now China highway ,each province has .The total length is second in the world .r rwebuild railways ,nuclear power stations ,we also strive to develop wind power station ,solar power station .
Convenient transportation ,is to the benefit of the people .In the countryside, we carry out the rural road construction ,is to let each one can pass road, the construction of rural methane ,moncler quincy,step by step to allow farmers to use gas and electricity .
Rural power grid to solve the difficult problem of the rural electricity ,with the introduction of the city the same grid ,power grids is a big project ,we know that China is too big ,to achieve such a task is not easy .
r rItell him ,our financial income ,is to make common people benefit .r rsoour next task ,louboutin,after 30 years of reform and opening up ,we managed to find a suitable for China .This is the road to socialism with Chinese characteristics ,I took it to specific rr:first ,it is the road of scientific development ,it is to solve China urban and rural development is not balanced problem ,area develops lopsided problem ,economic and social development of a leg grow a short-legged ,person and natural mutual the harmonious problem ,finally is to solve the sustainable development problems of Chinese development .
This road ,we summarize it as people-oriented ,comprehensive ,coordinated and sustainable development .r rsecond,called the road of harmonious development .The so-called harmonious development road ,is on one hand we should improve the level of economic development ,on the other hand ,to safeguard social fairness and justice ,louis vuitton,because at present China has a serious a problem ,the problem is the widening gap between rich and poor .
As the government, should pay more attention to the groups and vulnerable groups ,in the city ,we still have about 20000000 to enjoy the lowest social security of the people .Every year we solve the employment of about 9000000 to 10000000 ,but there are still 14000000 people cannot full employment .
In the countryside, with the minimum living standards,air jordan, there are 35000000 people belonging to the absolutely and impoverished population .We will advance reform in the political system ,economic system reform ,the reform of the cultural system ,the reform of social management system ,further development of socialist democracy ,truly let people be in power ,let whole society with harmonious .
r rthird,is the road of peace and development .As we all know ,China is now in a rare development opportunity time .The history of big development good luck period not much, nearly 100 come for years ,China lagged behind ,we lost several important development opportunity ,but now can not get lost again ,should capture do not put ,undivided attention ,devote oneself heart and soul to engage in economic construction .
Behind will be beaten ah ,only the prosperity of the country, we can win in the world ,the world nation forest a space for one person .r rI often say,Chinese have their own dignity ,the Chinese people have their own image ,to win the dignity ,to win a good image ,one hand in order to develop the economy ,improve the people ,doudoune moncler pas cher,the Chinese quickly development and stronger .
On the other hand ,to strengthen the construction of democratic legal system ,to have the moral strength ,have our national characteristics of the spiritual civilization ,to have national culture quality .
Thus, the Chinese nation can stand on top of the world ,stand at world nation forest ,every one of us can get their dignity .r rthis is usnearly 30 years to find a way to the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics :the road of scientific development ,moncler,harmonious development road ,the road of peace and development .
We will not to move or retreat to go on, we are still many difficulties ahead ,but as long as we unite ,we million people united as one man ,what difficulties will stop .Think of our ancestors ,hundreds of years ago from Fujian to Philippines ,is not so easy .
We can do ,and will do better than the previous one .r rthank you!&nbsp ;&nbsp ;rr(Note: Ancient Sulu kingdom in present-day Kalimantan and Philippines islands between the Sulu archipelago .
The Ming Dynasty Yongle fifteen years ( 1417) Su Luguo East King Batug Baha and King cave rate of workers in 340 large mission to visit China ,doudoune moncler,in Beijing is the government of the Ming Dynasty in the Middle East King home hospitality, died in Shandong province Dezhou ,then local burial .
The Ming emperor as he held a grand funeral , Gong ,give overflow sent official memorial ceremony and pro essays inscriptions, stone to mark the matter .After the East King to inherit the throne, Princess Ge Muning and Wang Cizi East ,the three son of Anturu thorn temperature ,and a stay in China for the first king tomb guard ,they are subject to the salary, give dial sacrifice field ,and assign the temple guard mausoleum ,Jisao cemetery .
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He immediately sent the child to a Heilongjiang provincial general hospital, but the child is in a coma.On the morning of 25, the Liu Sichen family moved to the Second Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, although the doctor to rescue, but ultimately failed to save a child's life.

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on hydropower attack to Sultan e

Social commentary in the Beijing in January 31 / Xinhua China's Vice Foreign Minister Xie Hangsheng summoned the 31 day Sultan embassy charge d'affaires Issa,louboutin pas cher, on hydropower project in Sultan was attacked,moncler, 29 Chinese workers at the holding things put forward urgent representations.
r r Beijing of Xinhua News Agency report,louis vuitton, Xie Hangsheng said,louboutin pas cher, the Chinese government attaches great importance to the protection of overseas citizens,burberry soldes, on the hijacking incident shocked,burberry, the 29 Chinese staff safety pays close attention to very much.
The Chinese government working group has been to Sultan,doudoune moncler, to assist in the rescue work.China urges Sudan from the friendly cooperation between the two countries continue to overall situation,moncler quincy, through a variety of channels,louboutin, increase the rescue efforts,doudoune moncler, do everything possible to ensure the personnel safety,jordan pas cher, and make every attempt to secure the release of as soon as possible to create conditions,louboutin, and take effective measures to ensure that the other in Sultan Chinese personnel and enterprise safety.
r r Issa said,louboutin pas cher, on the event deeply regret,louis vuitton pas cher, the Sultan government attaches great importance to China's concern and the relevant requirements,, efforts will be made to the proper handling of this event,michael kors, to secure the release of kidnapped Chinese workers,doudoune moncler pas cher, and to increase the other in Sultan Chinese personnel and enterprise safety protection.
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r r in addition

He immediately sent the child to a Heilongjiang provincial general hospital, but the child is in a coma.On the morning of 25, the Liu Sichen family moved to the Second Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, although the doctor to rescue, but ultimately failed to save a child's life.

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Bank of China Banking Regulatory Commission to consider Wenzhou

Social commentary in the Hongkong 15 March,moncler quincy, / "Wu Ying case" from the outbreak until now, has been the subject of concern,doudoune moncler, because of its touch is a sensitive topic in the folk financial reform.Premier Wen Jiabao on March 14th at the press conference, a positive answer about "Wu" case of the problem.
He points out, Wu Yingneng brings 3 enlightenments: the first is to make clear the legal protection of folk loan; second is to handle cases must adhere to seek truth from facts; third is the development of nongovernmental finance and the needs of economic and social development is not to.
r r "daily economic news" report, last year because of borrowing to initiate the enterprise boss "run away" continuous event,moncler, Wenzhou city and Zhejiang province. "Submitted to the State Council of Wenzhou experimental area of comprehensive financial reform overall program" (hereinafter referred to as the "scheme").
The programme if be able to reply,air jordan, will mean the folk financial reform icebreaker,doudoune moncler, the coating process has also been concerned.r r Wenzhou folk financial pilot or speed r r "I sure hope the" programme "as soon as possible to reply,doudoune moncler pas cher, 'after the NPC and CPPCC' estimation should be fast.
"According to the "Wenzhou national experimental area of comprehensive financial reform overall program" when coating problem,michael kors outlet, the Central Committee, deputy director of the Economic Commission of Wenzhou to promote the development of the SME Board President Zhou Dewen told the "daily economic news" reporter (blog,burberry, micro-blog).
r r Wen Jiabao Premier in the press conference also made it clear that, "the people's Bank of China and China Banking Regulatory Commission is actively considering Wenzhou folk finance as a comprehensive reform is pilot one of.
"r r "NPC and CPPCC" during,jordan pas cher, China Banking Regulatory Commission Chairman Shang Fulin to participate in the Zhejiang delegation at the plenary meeting, according to "plan" when number of overlying said, between departments have sign,louboutin pas cher, needs to go a certain procedure to introduce.
r r "the pilot area is also aimed at the current problem through reform to explore a try,michael kors, so they made some experimental content,louboutin pas cher, to a certain extent, already gained consensus,louis vuitton, but there still exist some difficulties,burberry soldes, is still brewing discussion.
"Central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan said in a news release.r r "plan" for the introduction of the time,louboutin, Zhou is optimistic in the "NPC and CPPCC" will push.He told the "daily economic news" reporter,louboutin pas cher, Wenzhou folk financial reform mainly includes borrowing legalization,, the strengthening of civil finance supervision,louboutin, as soon as possible to allow private capital to enter the field of finance etc.
.Also included in the 3 years of its 120 micro-credit company,louboutin, registered capital will reach 80000000000 yuan.r r "" plan "may also pass ministries modifications, ultimately depends on the number of covered content.
"Zhou Dewen says.The local regulation is prepared the problem,louis vuitton pas cher, Zhou Dewen expresses,louboutin, at present Wenzhou has established a local centre for financial regulation,louboutin pas cher, regulatory capacity has been preparing to.
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He immediately sent the child to a Heilongjiang provincial general hospital, but the child is in a coma.On the morning of 25, the Liu Sichen family moved to the Second Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, although the doctor to rescue, but ultimately failed to save a child's life.

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Chinese lunar satellite orbit maneuvers over CAS called defectiv

Social commentary in the Beijing in June 20 / Xinhua China Times news,louboutin pas cher, yesterday was informed from the Chinese Academy of Sciences,burberry, China lunar exploration satellite orbit measurement experiment combined with exercise has completed successfully,doudoune moncler, but experiments show lunar exploration system some interface problems.
r r reportedly,louboutin, orbit determination are accurate or not will directly affect the "Chang'e" successful launch,louboutin pas cher, a slight deviation cannot enter orbit satellite.But our country orbit determination system mainly consists of two parts: VLBI system and aerospace measurement and control system,louis vuitton pas cher, the former includes is located in Beijing,michael kors outlet, Shanghai,air jordan, Kunming and Urumqi four large radio telescope.
r r lunar satellite orbit measurement system to test the feasibility and accuracy of measurement,doudoune moncler, Chinese lunar exploration project and ESA (ESA),louboutin, from May 29th to June 2nd for 5 consecutive days,jordan pas cher, with ESA (ESA) of the lunar satellite "wisdom" for the specimen,michael kors, orbit determination is measuring drill.
China's four largest Observatory United for up to 5 days of joint exercises,doudoune moncler pas cher, every observation for nearly 20 hours,louboutin, and will eventually observation data for immediate transmission to the Shanghai VLBI center,moncler quincy, VLBI Center for data processing,, the results will be timely delivery of Beijing Aerospace Command center.
r r works director Luan Enjie said this measurement experiment included lunar works in 20 large experiment first orientation State Council made a report.As a result of this experiment is the first VLBI system and USB system real-time measurement,burberry soldes, in experiments also found that many of the original does not take into account the or ill-considered problems,moncler, especially some interface issues.
According to introduction,louboutin pas cher, the interface includes a satellite system and each subsystem,louboutin, between satellite and the system interface.The identifying and resolving problems as soon as possible,louboutin pas cher, to perfect system construction and the next "Chang'e" the successful launch has important significance.
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reform and open problems .

In two, Inner Mongolia and the northeast part of the low temperature The middle ten days of a month, effects of cold air in our country is relatively frequent, northern region changes larger, southern region temperature late show a downward trend.

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